RAW BY NATURE: Raw Nutrition & Recipes

An Introduction to Raw Nutrition & Recipes

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Are you wanting to change your lifestyle and eating habits but not sure where to start?!

This book came about by simply wanting to share with people what raw food is, what its benefits are and how to make simple yet delicious living food for yourself, family and friends. I wanted to share various ways to transition towards a better way of living- a way that is more sustainable, ethical, conscious, harmonious and also fun!

Eating a raw or vegan lifestyle has so many benefits on both your own person health and wellbeing, as well as so many positive outcomes for the greater world. Simply by incorporating some of these ideas and meals into your life, you will see the transformations that take place in your physical health, your mood, you energy, and your impact on the planet.

Whether you want to learn how to make almond milk or green smoothies, how to plant a veggie garden or make kombucha, how to make raw chocolate or stock a healthy kitchen, this book is for you, an endless resource you can continue to turn to for guidance and inspiration!


Included in these 60 colour pages:

  • What is raw food and what its benefits are
  • Acid/Alkaline balance
  • How to stock the raw food kitchen
  • Equipment for a raw food kitchen
  • Nutritional information and dietary guidelines
  • Transitioning to health – tips to live a vibrant and harmonious lifestyle including: how to make almond milk, kombucha, sprout legumes and seeds, shop ethically, build a veggie garden, cleansing, fermentation, composting, sourcing organic food as well as how to move away from dairy, meat, sugar and harmful additive foods.
  • Over 26 recipes including smoothies, juices, raw entrees, soups, salads, main meals, desserts and snacks


My aim is to offer a simple resource that is useful for anyone and everyone, no matter what stage of life  or what level of health you are currently in. Living well and nourishing yourself is EASY and FUN! I hope this book helps you to feel inspired. x